Hand Analysis (Modern Palmistry) is an unmatched guide to self.

Ready to know your life purpose? Finally YOU CAN!



Know your life purpose via Hand Analysis.

Life Purpose is the GIFT given to you to GIVE BACK to the world.

SHARE YOUR GIFTS with the world and GAIN GRATIFICATION in life.

Hand Analysis is the science of interpreting the marks in your hands. Contrary to popular belief it is not intuitive. In fact, modern palmistry is based on 30 years of research. The results of which are  infallible and repeatable.

The shapes, lines and patterns in your hand are not random. To clarify, every mark in your hand defines  you AND your  potential. What I mean is that your hands show who you are AND who you have potential to become. Because your hands provide multiple levels of information about you, including::

    1. Your Life Purpose, defined as the “truest” aspect of you. Life Purpose is the gift you were given to give back to the world. Think of it as the subconscious longings of your heart. Life Purpose is what you possess that makes you stand out to others. Life Purpose is the SOURCE of YOUR LIGHT you are born to shine. The value of KNOWING your life purpose is that it never changes. It is a solid anchor for you to make clear decisions about what is best for YOU, for the rest of your life.
    2. Your Human Design, represents your human personality. This  includes your habits, emotional style and mental self.  Your human design, unlike your LIFE PURPOSE can change over the course of your life. It is shaped by family, environment, events and the subconscious.

When you know your Life Purpose via hand analysis, you’ve taken a valuable step toward LIVING IT.

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HOW do you begin to come into Divine Alignment:

Bringing your life into Divine Alignment does not happen overnight, it requires work, patience, perseverance and commitment.

Explore Your
Life Purpose

The first step is understanding what your Life Purpose is – to do that, book an Explore Your Life Purpose Session with me.

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Divine Alignment Package

The second step is to understand how your Life Purpose and your distinct human personality fit together in a complimentary fashion or oppose one another to create discord. The way you understand the current dynamic of these elements within yourself is by booking a Divine Alignment Package.

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The Divine Alignment Package is the most thorough tool available for you to start making more meaningful choices about what you want and don’t want in your life, because it defines who you are and also shows you who have the potential to become. It outlines your life’s highest possible expressions and also explicitly defines your biggest challenges. This package is an invaluable resource for you to create a plan of action that uses your values, your heart’s intention and your personality to help you envision and pursue a life that suits you and makes you proud and expresses who you are.

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