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Derrick is a treasure! He knows his stuff, and he is incredibly articulate and precise in his delivery, as well as compassionate and loving. He has given me tremendous clarity and insights to my gifts and my challenges. In addition, he shared practical tools and a clear and thoughtful map of how to put these tools into practice. I am so happy that I had the chance to meet him and receive his work. This was my first hand reading, which is something I have wanted to do for years and years. If you Have ever been curious, go for it, you will be so happy you did! Thank you Derrick!

~ Melanie Rose


So intuitive and what a bright spirit to be read by!! Many thanks:)

~ Carla Ann

I met Derrick Little at a pivotal point in my life and he answered so many questions for me. It came at a time when I didn’t even realize I was seeking answers! Derrick provided such insight into my life without being prompted or steered by my own questioning, or any information I had offered. He was very thorough and accurate. I left in tears because what he articulated not only made sense but brought much needed clarity.

I was very lucky to find Derrick and secure an appointment during my short stay on the island. Or maybe, it was meant to happen. What I don’t doubt are Derrick’s talents and genuine passion in guiding our soul. Heck, just let your hands do the talking!

~ Bella Kay


I was fortunate to have my palms read by Derrick last week. It was an incredible experience I highly recommend to anyone at all curious about receiving the benefits of this practice. I’m new to hand analysis, and now understand that the legibility of our palms exists such that skilled interpreters like Derrick can help us hone our purpose and path- like a very helpful document waiting for our attention. Receiving Derrick’s deep, generous insights has already positively impacted: 1) my conception and comprehension of my experiences in life up to this point, 2) my grasp of where I stand in the duel between my challenges and my potential, 3) and paths of work towards the best possible arc of life I can create. Derrick’s reading truly gave me practical, motivating information. He is also crazily talented and generous, and a warm, serene, and clear-sighted presence. I will be certainly be re-listening to the audio recording of our session, to keep me inspired and on track and clear about my identity and goals. Increased clarity about these (very important!) things is truly what Derrick offers.

~ Jess Willa Wheaton

Wow! I had my reading 5 months ago and everything that Derrick told me about my life purpose and life lessons during my life purpose hand print analysis came true! I just listened to the recording again today and was simply blown away. I was so impressed by Derrick’s intuitive abilities when we met and everything he said resonated with me at my soul level. His reading was accurate and he was confident in his delivery. I recommend Derrick to my friends who are seeking clarity on their life’s purpose, and everyone reports back to me how grateful they are that I connected them. I am diving deep into his recommendations. I can’t wait to try his sound healing! I was also excited to learn that you can have your hand prints done every six months to see how your hands change as you evolve. p.s. Derrick is also a wonderful human being and you will enjoy your time with him immensely.

~ Jennifer Peterson


If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s how important it is to invest in yourself. I am so grateful to have crossed paths with Derrick Little. I booked a half hour hand reading on a whim at A Time for Karma back in early 2019, and it was alarmingly accurate and truly enlightening. He is a true healer who has an incredible gift for palmistry interpretation and intuitively ‘seeing’ you through the key to the map right there in your very own hands. The recorded session aided me in clarifying where to focus my energy and what to shift and strengthen, and I was able to listen back to it for reference whenever I needed.

The reading enabled me to put in a lot of work right into where I needed. A year later I found myself in a much healthier mindset and a more aligned job, with less doubt and more confidence in myself. I celebrated the 2020 new year by booking a Reiki/Sound Healing session and hour-long life purpose hand reading to delve deeper into my unique talents and challenges. I left the session feeling grounded, ready, and empowered.

By booking with Derrick, I invested both in my wellness and myself—in clarifying and understanding my path in this life on a soul level. Dreams, goals, and soul whispers are hard to hear over the constant bustle of daily life. It’s worth slowing down for an hour or two to listen, to get to know yourself better. He puts his whole being into his healing, you can feel it, and the insight he was able to derive from my hands was incredibly helpful for understanding my own personal strengths and weaknesses and how to work on them to align with my higher self. If you’re even slightly intrigued, if you’re here reading this and something deeper is pulling you toward a hand reading or healing session, trust your gut, book it, and enjoy!

~ Hayley

So very very lucky to have met Derrick and experience his amazing Sound Vibration Therapy and Reiki. I’ve never experienced anything so calming and peaceful. His caring presence and support was undeniably felt. Derricks hand analysis was transforming. It resonated with so much that I have felt throughout my life and yet, at the same time, gave me a new understanding of so many questions. He also gave me some insight on how to move forward on the path I was meant to take in this life. I feel truly blessed to have experienced his time and wisdom and will hopefully see him again soon. Thank you Derrick!

~ Gail Martin


Wow, this was truly an amazing experience… To hear these beautiful frequencies in surround sound was like a rite of passage. You can actually feel the vibrations on the surface of your skin. I’m not sure how else to describe it. It was if I was reset on a cellular level. The REIKI was fascinating as well and I could feel the energy being moved. I know that sounds woo woo, but the level of professionalism and concentration from the healer was nothing short of shamanic. When my session ended and I sat up, I felt a rush of endorphins in my head, relaxed and happy. Well worth it and truly felt renewed after.

~ Liz Liguori

I had the pleasure of experiencing Derrick’s magic through a hand analysis reading and it was pretty mind blowing. It validated so many things for me as well as gave me insights in to what to look out for, as in old patterns I can default to and also showed me why I picked up some of those old ways of thinking. It gave me a better vision into my path and and my purpose and I now have more clarity in how to move forward. He not only read’s your hands but he offers tools to assist you in moving forward. Derrick is very intuitive and really gives you direct information for you to flourish and with so much passion which is no surprise, as you can tell once you speak to him, his integrity and passion for this work. I will be re-listening and re-listening over and over again. Thank you Derrick for such a valuable experience!

~ Dana Canneto


What a delightfully insightful experience! So glad I decided to have Derrick read my hands. Not only was the process simple and professional, but I was impressed with how much information he was able to divine. Going into it, I wasn’t quite sure what results I would get, but I was intrigued by the idea of palmistry contextualized with the elements. As Derrick began to explain what he saw in the print he took, it was as if the lines on my hands became a framework of understanding for some of the thoughts, emotions, and yearnings I’d been attempting to process in my recent history.

In the end, I feel as if I have some better tools with which to make positive, concrete changes in my life, and I would definitely recommend this service to others.

~ Carl Bentley

Derrick is truly gifted at what he does. I did a Reiki and Hand Analysis session. The Reiki session was relaxing. The hand analysis was much more in depth than I anticipated. He is so accurate in explaining everything to you. He takes his time and is very thorough. I would definitely recommend him to friends and family. I left my Reiki and Hand Analysis session feeling good.

~ Bohemi Gal


Who knew so much can be disclosed through hand analysis? This was a fascinating and insightful experience. He confirmed what only I already knew. I let him do all the talking and he was spot on. The reiki sound therapy was amazing as well. I felt very relaxed and comfortable which for me does not come easy. He has a serene & soothing spirit with a down to earth attitude and I loved every bit of it.

~ Jessica SL

My session: accurate, deep and impeccable. Derrick is absolutely present, kind, intelligent, funny where appropriate and honed. His information clearly springs from intense study + wise assimilation. This person full-on walks integrity. I left feeling fully acknowledged (as the complex unique being that we all are) with clear, practical, distinctly personalized tools – energizing yet grounding — bcuz So Very Do-able. Namaste Derrick!

~ Frances Sorensen


Derrick blessed me with one of the most thorough Hand Analysis/ palm readings that I’ve ever had. He was very professional, in-depth, extremely accurate and very charming. Over the years I have steered away from readings like these for fear that they are gimmicky and not based in any real knowledge but Derrick is truly gifted in this arena and was so knowledgeable, putting me right at ease. His reading was spot on and so supportive. I felt like he had known me for years though we had just met. The other great thing is that Derrick doesn’t just drop information in your lap and send you on your way. In his personable, joyful yet no B.S. manner, he asks you to really think about what he is saying and gives suggestions on how to move from stagnate or stuck places or habits that are not serving your higher self. I loved it so much that I am going to have him do a reading for my teenage son as I think that it will be helpful if he has this knowledge for his journey into adulthood. My only regret is not meeting Derrick sooner. If you are thinking of having this reading done, don’t walk, but run to Derrick. You will not be disappointed.

~ D Doyle

I’m incredibly grateful to have found Derrick. He is a very special and sincere individual. Derricks respect for the practice of teaching (anything) is taken seriously, wanting the best for all of his students. I met Derrick teaching kundalini. He was specifically helpful in describing the WHY and HOW TO aspects (including techniques, traditions, his interpretations and why it works).

Derrick has become an amazing coach, teacher, and guide for me over the past several months .From kundalini to sound healing, Derrick has helped me develop more awareness of my own wants and has provided a guiding path for me to unlock those wants with daily actions I can utilize to improve my own growth and greater sense of self. He has challenged my own thinking about myself and brought peripheral thoughts into my focus. If you are looking for a guide to help you be the better you, then look no further. Derrick is the real deal. The work may not be easy, but with openness and practice I have grown an immense amount from his guidance.

~ John Gatti


Some of the questions that I believe trouble many of us are “Why am I here” and “What are my gifts?and how do I use my gifts while I’m here?”. To have that addressed and validated so completely in this hand reading is life-changing. What Derrick told me not only resonated with exactly where I’m at right now,but he offered clear steps and solutions on what to do with it. I left the session feeling an energy and clarity that I have not been able to access. I will definitely return for more sessions with him to explore solving challenges,and making the best use of my purpose here. Thank you ????

~ Angela P.A.

I went to Derrick for hand analysis and sound healing. He is Amazing! He’s kind, intuitive and extremely talented at what he does. He was spot on and gave me so much insight. As to sound healing I felt deeply relaxed and very grounded. It was a beautiful healing and empowering experience. His ability to help me release energy that was stuck in me was a big transformation. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Derrick! He is very gifted.

~ Josephine Perrone


I had such an insightful hand reading from Derrick! It was so accurate and he gave me very precise points on which to work on to augment my future experiences. Derrick was very clear and very patient, not rushing and answering each and every question. He did the same reading for two other family members and we were all very happy with the results. These readings open a door to bettering ourselves. Thank you Derrick!

~ christina RUFIN

Derrick was truly amazing. Me and my son’s reading was very accurate and insightful. It was a life changing experience. I highly recommend everyone go to Derrick for a palm reading.

~ Theresa Corr


I was blown away with what Derrick saw in my hands that I had been avoiding in my life. His words were so well formulated, honest and caring. I never thought it was possible to see so much in Palm reading. He unveiled layers of me to reveal my true calling. It was scary but eye opening. My second reading was even better.

~ Brette Ocampo

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