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Derrick offers in person readings on Kauai & distance readings via inked hand prints with web conference

Choose from the Private Consultations below.

If you’re ready to:

  • Understand your life purpose and dance with it
  • Trust you’re on the right path 
  • Pursue opportunities that nourish your soul
  • Find a career that makes you feel valued for your abilities
  • Use your innate skills & talents to their highest potential
  • Validate what is RIGHT for you so you never doubt yourself again
  • Take aim at clearly defined goals aligned with your heart’s true desires
  • Own the gift you were born to give back to the world

The best way to start is to BOOK A CONSULTATION

STEPS TO BOOK a consultation:
  • Click on the private consultation package you’d like to order.
  • Explore Your Life Purpose (1 session), or Divine Alignment Package (3 sessions)
  • Once you purchase, I’ll mail you a hand and fingerprint printing kit with easy instructions
  • You print your hands/fingerprints
  • You mail your hand prints back via mail, email or smartphone
  • I receive your prints and contact you to set-up our consultation.
  • Post consult I’ll email you a link to the audio recording of the session (you can listen again as soon as you get it via digital download).
  • Further coaching options are always available if needed. Options can be discussed as we work together.

I offer two types of private consultations to inspire and empower you to begin to align with your Life Purpose to live a more Soulful life:

$150.00Book Now


1 session, 1 Hour
Cost: $ 150

In this introductory session we decode your fingerprints, which are the Signature of your Soul.

This session defines 3 unchanging aspects of you that define your “soul psychology”. Which is comprised of:

1) Your Life School, This is the overarching theme of learning that informs every challenge you face and every goal you pursue in life. The 4 basic schools are Service, Wisdom, Balance and Relationships. All the life schools have an upside and downside, just like every other aspect of your hands.

2) Your Life Purpose, which is not necessarily what you do for a living, but rather your gift to the world. Your Life Purpose is defined as your latent potential that you can consciously awaken, nurture and grow to manifest a life in alignment with who you really are.

3) Your Life Lesson, which is not as enjoyable to learn about as your Life Purpose, because it’s that difficult but necessary thing you must experience, confront and resolve in order to bloom your Life Purpose. Your Life Lesson is like the weakest link in the chain of your being that must be strengthened. It’s the shadow part of you that you must face, embrace and learn to dance with if you want to grow a truly soulful life.

Knowing your “soul psychology” as shown in your fingerprints can serve as an infallible anchor to your inner truth and a concrete navigation tool to inform every decision about what’s truly in “Divine Alignment” with you, for the rest of your life.

(If you’ve ordered this service, here are instructions for sending Derrick your hand prints.)

$350.00Book Now


3 Sessions, 1 hour each

This package is meant to help you positively transform your life and create a life in Divine Alignment with the Truth of your Soul. In these three sessions we dive deeper into the Soul Psychology outlined in the Explore Your Life Purpose consult but then incorporate other aspects of you that are clearly mapped in your hands which define your:

  • Personality
  • Thinking style
  • Emotional hardwiring
  • Gifts/Challenges
  • And much more

The aim of this package is to help you understand the “bigger picture” of your life in terms of what has happened before, what is happening now and what could happen based on the interplay of your soul psychology and your human design. You will better understand your gifts and learn how you can confront your challenges to take conscious ownership of your life so that it aligns with your purpose. We will explore your life lesson in detail so you can recognize its impact in your life. We will explore your personality and your habits in relation to your life purpose to determine what may help you or hinder you from growing forward and manifesting a truly Soulful life. The information provided is incredibly personal, accurate and can serve as a permanent resource to help you make a concrete game plan and move beyond any roadblocks in your life.

(If you’ve ordered this service, here are instructions for sending Derrick your hand prints.)

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HOW do you begin to come into Divine Alignment:

Bringing your life into Divine Alignment does not happen overnight, it requires work, patience, perseverance and commitment.

Explore Your
Life Purpose

The first step is understanding what your Life Purpose is – to do that, book an Explore Your Life Purpose Session with me.

$150.00Book Now

Divine Alignment Package

The second step is to understand how your Life Purpose and your distinct human personality fit together in a complimentary fashion or oppose one another to create discord. The way you understand the current dynamic of these elements within yourself is by booking a Divine Alignment Package.

$350.00Book Now

The Divine Alignment Package is the most thorough tool available for you to start making more meaningful choices about what you want and don’t want in your life, because it defines who you are and also shows you who have the potential to become. It outlines your life’s highest possible expressions and also explicitly defines your biggest challenges. This package is an invaluable resource for you to create a plan of action that uses your values, your heart’s intention and your personality to help you envision and pursue a life that suits you and makes you proud and expresses who you are.

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