Palmistry Myths, Facts and FAQs

Modern palm reading is not predictive but incredibly accurate.

Truth is that its  accuracy is dependent on the skills of the reader.

I’ve been studying hands and reading hands for over 20 years.

Therefore based on the reviews of my clients I know palm reading is accurate.

Why should I get a palm reading?

To gain awareness of who you are. Also to know your potential. Plus the reading is valid for life.

Is a hand reading predictive, intuitive or based psychic ability?


How is palmistry different than Astrology?

Hands do reveal archetypes. Meaning traits similar to astrological signs.

What is the difference between Traditional Palmistry and Scientific Hand Analysis?

Both recognize valuable information in hands. But hand analysis makes no predictions. Rather it synthesizes data from your hand into a navigational tool.

How is information from my hands valuable in the most practical sense?

Your hands say you’re a loner and a Messenger. Good combo for writing that novel. However loners aren’t social. So there might be a challenge in promoting what you’ve been doing down in your cave.

Are Readings in-person or on phone?

I offer in-person readings on Kauai. Also I offer distance readings via phone or web.. Visit SERVICESHow to Schedule a Session page for info.

Explain how it is my fingerprints reveal my Life Purpose!

Nature provides an answer to every question. However most people don’t take the time to tune in and learn. But Richard Ungar, the father of hand analysis, actually did.

Who is Richard Ungar?

Richard Ungar is the father of scientific hand analysis. Specifically he cracked the code of fingerprints. Resulting in this amazing science that proves all things have a purpose. Including your fingerprints and you.

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