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What will one gain via a Hand Analysis session with Derrick?

A hand reading with Derrick will provide you a deep understanding of the unique gifts you possess and are meant to be contributing to the planet as a human. You will also learn what planet earth wants to teach you during your lifetime.

Is hand analysis a type of predictive fortune telling or based on psychic ability?

No, Scientific Hand Analysis relies solely on empirical evidence proven reliably repeatable through documented research. Professionally certified hand analysts like myself have studied and are trained to recognize, transcribe and combine the information in your hand in a way that creates an accurate psychological portrait of who you are and who you can become.

Is hand analysis similar to Astrology?

Yes in that your hands reveal archetypal traits you possess which you may not consciously be aware of. No in that hand analysis does not offer a “forecast” about what may or may not happen in your life the same way a horoscope attempts to.

Is Hand Analysis like Traditional Palmistry?

Yes and no. They are similar because both recognize there is valuable information about you and your life that can be learned by understanding the meanings of the marks in hands. Modern hand analysis has eradicated the predictive focus of traditional palmistry and redefines the marks in your hands as a science that accurately defines your unique human design.

Why is this blueprint of my human design useful?

Let’s say your emotional line (heart line) shows that you are someone who does not like to be the center of attention and prefers to spend time alone. That personality trait can serve you well if you have a Messenger Life Purpose written in your fingerprints and are a writer that needs to spend long hours working alone on your screenplay or novel. However if your fingerprints tell me that you’re meant to be a Leader in the Community, then you might have to do some work on coming out of your hermit shell and exposing yourself to get some attention in the public eye.

Are Readings in-person or on phone?

Derrick offers in-person readings for people visiting Kauai (Hawaii) and also offers long-distance readings for people anywhere in the world via web or phone conferencing. (note: for an added international mailing cost, Derrick reads internationally)

How does long-distance palm reading work?

Once you purchase your reading he mails you a hand-printing kit and a pre-stamped return envelope. You mail him back your hand prints or photograph your prints with your smartphone. He receives the images of your hands and then schedules your 1 hour phone reading.

How can it be that my hands are such an amazing personal guidance tool?

All we need to know about how to live a life in harmony is revealed to us by the Natural World. We must just learn to see, interpret and apply the wisdom of Nature into our own lives. Hand analysis is a tool that interprets Nature’s wisdom so we can apply it and use it to bring more harmony into our own lives.

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HOW do you begin to come into Divine Alignment:

Bringing your life into Divine Alignment does not happen overnight, it requires work, patience, perseverance and commitment.

Explore Your
Life Purpose

The first step is understanding what your Life Purpose is – to do that, book an Explore Your Life Purpose Session with me.

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Divine Alignment Package

The second step is to understand how your Life Purpose and your distinct human personality fit together in a complimentary fashion or oppose one another to create discord. The way you understand the current dynamic of these elements within yourself is by booking a Divine Alignment Package.

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The Divine Alignment Package is the most thorough tool available for you to start making more meaningful choices about what you want and don’t want in your life, because it defines who you are and also shows you who have the potential to become. It outlines your life’s highest possible expressions and also explicitly defines your biggest challenges. This package is an invaluable resource for you to create a plan of action that uses your values, your heart’s intention and your personality to help you envision and pursue a life that suits you and makes you proud and expresses who you are.

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