Hand Analysis

What is Scientific Hand Analysis, and how can it help you live your best life?


Your hands carry far more meaning in them than you could imagine. The lines and shapes are, in fact, a set of instructions that outline how you can manifest a life that is in Tune with your Soul and in Harmony with the Truth in your Heart.

Scientific Hand Analysis is a system of interpreting the various markings in your hands and their meanings to help you to understand yourself and embody your best life. It is non-predictive and based solely on information that has proven itself accurate and systematically repeatable.

Research has proven that the shapes, lines and patterns in your hand are not random. Every trait in your hand, including your fingerprints, correlates to specific gifts, challenges, skills, personality traits and even meaningful events in your life. With proper guidance, your hands act like a blueprint that tells both who you are right now and who you have potential to be. That’s because your hands provide two levels of information about you:

    1. Your Soul Self, which is the unchanging aspect of you that is defined by your fingerprints. Your Soul Self is the truest aspect of who you are in your subconscious and Your Soul Self defines the subconscious longings of your heart. When you consciously express this subconscious part of you it brings you immense joy in being, it makes you stand out to others and makes you shine. It is your Divine Gift that you were born to express, and when you express this gift by offering it to the world, you feel a sense of rightness in every cell of your being.
    2. Your Human Design, is the malleable and changeable aspect of who you are as a person. It is your personality which includes your habits, your emotional makeup and your thinking mind Your human design can change over the course of your life and is shaped by your family, your environment, events in your life and your subconscious.

A hand analysis session helps you to understand how these two aspects may harmoniously align with one another to create soulful purpose and fulfillment in your life AND how you can avoid potential pitfalls or self-destructive patterns.

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HOW do you begin to come into Divine Alignment:

Bringing your life into Divine Alignment does not happen overnight, it requires work, patience, perseverance and commitment.

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Divine Alignment Package

The second step is to understand how your Life Purpose and your distinct human personality fit together in a complimentary fashion or oppose one another to create discord. The way you understand the current dynamic of these elements within yourself is by booking a Divine Alignment Package.

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The Divine Alignment Package is the most thorough tool available for you to start making more meaningful choices about what you want and don’t want in your life, because it defines who you are and also shows you who have the potential to become. It outlines your life’s highest possible expressions and also explicitly defines your biggest challenges. This package is an invaluable resource for you to create a plan of action that uses your values, your heart’s intention and your personality to help you envision and pursue a life that suits you and makes you proud and expresses who you are.

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