Derrick offers accurate, non psychic life purpose readings on Kauai

Derrick Little is a renowned palm reader based on Kauai, Hawaii he offers accurate non psychic life purpose readings

I want to inspire you to love your life, despite the challenges.

Because I’ve had tragedies in mine. However they were necessary for my growth.

In 2009 I hit rock bottom.

First a major breakup.  Following a failed relocation.  In addition to major financial loss, multiple deaths and an emergency hospitalization.

This resulted in a life crisis where I abused substances to cope.

This caused two friends to intervene with force.

Looking back, I owe my life to them. Because they took me in and made sure I didn’t self destruct.

Coincidentally at that time a wise friend offered perspective. Explaining “healers can only inspire and empower others AFTER they’ve confronted their shadows.” More importantly, “learned to dance with them.” That meant it was up to me to define who I am.

Victim or Survivor?

Finally I began to let go of my trauma story. This resulted in me learning techniques to restore balance to my life. Nowadays I use these tools to help others do the same.

The modalities I’m trained in and practice include:

Nowadays I use Scientific Hand Analysis as my main tool. Because it delivers an big picture perspective on life.

I’ll add that many amazing teachers have held my hand through the dark parts of my life. Also many shined light where I did not want to see.

Clearly healing is a journey. And it’s my honor to play it forward and now do the same for my clients.

When not reading hands I study them. Because I just can’t get enough of my passion for them. Also I work with horses. Definitely keeps me be present in my body.

Along with that, you can find me riding waves offshore of Kauai. Because ocean is like life; unpredictable, reflective, deep and often scary. However you’ll never master the tides unless you courageously just dive in!

– Derrick Little, June 2022

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HOW do you begin to come into Divine Alignment:

Bringing your life into Divine Alignment does not happen overnight, it requires work, patience, perseverance and commitment.

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The Divine Alignment Package is the most thorough tool available for you to start making more meaningful choices about what you want and don’t want in your life, because it defines who you are and also shows you who have the potential to become. It outlines your life’s highest possible expressions and also explicitly defines your biggest challenges. This package is an invaluable resource for you to create a plan of action that uses your values, your heart’s intention and your personality to help you envision and pursue a life that suits you and makes you proud and expresses who you are.

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