Your destiny is to consciously express the perfection
of your Spirit, here on earth.

Discover Your Life Purpose

Understand what you have to contribute.

Share your gifts,

Feel satisfied with your life.

Tired of feeling uncertain about the MEANING of your life?

When you know your LIFE PURPOSE youʻll never doubt yourself again.

Find Your Soul’s
True North

Living in  life-scale discontent can feel like a nagging inner voice constantly reminding you that you arenʻt living up  to your true potential.

Symptoms like apathy and depression often manifest to motivate you to discover things to inspire you in life.

But when you’re stuck in doubt or feel uncertain about what you want and why you want it, it can create a crisis of meaning that blocks opportunities that could make you feel content.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had been born with clear instructions about WHAT you are meant to do with your life and HOW you are meant to do it?

Believe it or not, you were.

Although you might find it hard to believe, the instructions to your life are literally written in your own two hands.

And a Life Purpose Reading with me translates those instructions for you.

Knowing what is written in your hands will give you unmatched, practical and concrete guidance about how you can find more meaning in your day-to day life.

If you’re ready to clarify a path forward that feeds your Soul and truly nourishes your Higher Self, book a session with me now.

What is Divine Alignment?

When Out of Alignment you feel:

  • Unclear about your talents
  • Confused about whatʻs best for you
  • Trapped in someone elseʻs agenda
  • Stuck in a dull routine
  • Apathetic about your labor
  • Sidetracked by otherʻs needs
  • Envious of  happy people
  • Judgemental of yourself
  • Guilty for “selling out”
  • Busy but unrewarded
  • Out of touch with your passions
  • Depressed

When in Alignment you feel:

  • Motivated by your passions
  • In  the flow
  • Guided by what is important to you
  • Open to growth
  • Confident in  your gifts and talents
  • Joy in how you serve self and others
  • Certain about what you want
  • Powerful without guilt
  • Inspired by otherʻs success
  • Deserving of success
  • Content with how you spend your time
  • Excited about living life to the fullest
  • Like an inspiration to others

Discover your Life Purpose with Derrick

Derrick Little is a life purpose hand analyst, spiritual counselor and teacher based on the island Kauaʻi, in Hawaii.

Unlike an intuitive or a psychic reader, Derrick gives non predictive, incredibly accurate Life Purpose readings by telling you  the meaning of your fingerprints and other markers in your  hands.

Hands and fingerprints provide unmatched, precise data about who you are now and who you have potential to become.

He offers in-person readings by appointment on Kauaʻi and long-distance readings to people all over the world.

In addition to being an amazing hand analyst, Derrick is also trained in various other healing modalities including:

Sound Vibration Therapy
Usui-Shiki Ryoho REIKI (Level 1 & 11)
3HO Kundalini Yoga
Lifeprints Scientific Hand Analysis (IIHA “Advanced Hand Analyst” Certified)