Discover Your Life Purpose

Own your true potential. Find deeper meaning. Move forward with certainty.

Tired of feeling lost, stuck or trapped in a meaningless daily routine?

Know your LIFE PURPOSE and never doubt yourself again.

Find Your Soul’s
True North

When your life lacks meaning or joy, the resulting discontent is often a Signal from your Higher Self. 

To clarify, depression is a message from your higher self asking you to FIND SOMETHING THAT INSPIRES YOU IN LIFE.

But when you’re stuck in doubt or uncertain about your potential it can create crisis.

Oftentimes resulting in fear that blocks positive life change.

Wouldn’t it be great if you’d been born with some instructions about how to live your best life?

Believe it or not, you were.

Although you might find it hard to believe,

the instructions to your life are literally in your own two hands.

And a Life Purpose Reading with me will translate those instructions.

So you can understand who you are and KNOW what you were born to contribute to the world.

In other words, if you’re ready to know your Gift you are meant to GIVE TO THE WORLD, book a session with me now.

What is Divine Alignment?

When Out of Alignment you feel:

  • Unclear about your  path
  • Uncertain about what to do next
  • Trapped in a bad situation
  • Stuck in a routine
  • Uninspired and unmotivated
  • Sidetracked by life
  • Envious of others
  • Invisible & unappreciated
  • Out of integrity with self
  • Too busy to nurture yourself
  • Numb to your desires
  • Depressed

When in Alignment you feel:

  • Motivated by possibility
  • In flow with opportunities
  • Guided by higher principles
  • Open to growth
  • Confident about your gifts
  • Joy in what you do
  • Your work serves the world
  • Clear boundaries without guilt
  • Magnetic to others
  • Deserving of your achievements
  • Content with where you are
  • Excited about what is possible

Discover your Life Purpose on Kauai

Derrick Little is a life purpose coach and spiritual counselor based Kauai Hawaii.

Unlike an intuitive or a psychic, he offers accurate, non predictive Life Purpose readings by translating the patterns in your hands.

Because hands provide unmatched insight about who you are and have potential to become.

Along with in-person readings on Kauai, he offers distance readings to people all over the world.

Beyond palmistry, Derrick also is trained in other healing modalities including:

Sound Vibration Therapy
Usui-Shiki Ryoho REIKI (Level 1 & 11)
3HO Kundalini Yoga
Lifeprints Scientific Hand Analysis (IIHA Certified)